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84+100+21 = 205 км
Race day
25 May 2019г.
Start time
Time limit
28 hours
ITRA points

This is a team race (relay). Start time is 18:00 (UTC time + 4:00)
The total length of the distance is 205 km. Length of stages: 1 stage ("Elton Night Ultra") - 84 km, stage 2 ("Botkul Ultra") - 100 km, 3 stage ("Gagarin Race") - 21 km. 

Time limits:

Stage 1

48th km (Krasnaya Derevnya)- to be left before 00.00 (6h)

84th km (Staring Town)- to pass the baton before 5.00 (11h)

Stage 2

120th km (Bolshoy Simkin)- to be left before 9.00 (15h)

184th km (Staring Town)- to pass the baton before 19.00 (25h)

Stage 3

205 km -to be finished before 22.00, 26 May (28 h for all the 3 stages)

Each member of the relay race must pass the baton to another member of the team not later than the set time limits. If one of the participants in the relay race is disqualified or out of range - the team result will be canceled from team the competition, but other participants can complete the race in an individual standings. The team should consist of 3 people and can be completely male, female or mixed. It is allowed to participate only 2 people: then the 1st and 3rd stage of the relay race one and the same athlete. In each team there should be a team captain, who directs the actions of the team and transmits the necessary information to organizers.
Before going on the stages of "Elton Night Ultra" and "Botkul Ultra" the participant of the relay race must pass the compulsory equipment check.

Before registering, please read carefully the Regulation.

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