Ru En


84 км
Race day
25 May 2019г.
Start time
Time limit
11 hours
ITRA points

This is night race, the distance length is 84 km. The route of the race passes in a circle around the marked route: from the base camp "Starting town”  (start), Elton, around the lake Elton, to the base camp "Starting Town" (the start and finish points coincide). The food points will be located at an interval of 10 km +. The exact distance will be determined depending on the terrain and will be announced on the route maps.

On the route in the camp "Krasnaya Derevnya", a camping for stationary reception of food: with hot drinks and hot food, massage, toilet, sockets for charging a mobile phone or a clock and with the possibility short-term rest athletes. Here, the brigade is on duty with qualified medical care.

Start time - May, 25 at 21:15 (UTC time+4:00)
Chech point "Krasnaya Derevnya" (48 km) you must leave till 03:15 May, 26 (6 hours)
The total time limit is 11 hours -till 08:15 May, 26. 
Before registering, please read carefully the Regulation.

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